May 31, 2008


The Grey Rose

The garden grew and burst forth in color. Even the sun worshipped the beauty and beamed light to reveal the vivid image.

A smaller plant grew in the middle of that beauty, confined to shadows beneath the blossoms, becoming hardy by anticipating the march of the sunbeams, strategically arranging the roots to find food and foundation, weaving amongst the other plants so as not to contend.

Barely a weed, but barely awake.

Even at full height, the grey rose drew attention only by contrast to the others. It was not as vivid… having no particular color. It did not smell as enticing… inviting no one to pluck it. It’s blossoms were less bold… yet, it still had thorns.

The plants grew and time flew and many went away. Several ducked but some were plucked… the bargain of the day.

Each pass of the sun revealed the wilting plants, save one. It absorbed most light instead of reflecting it. It’s inner core was balanced and well founded. It’s demands were few but it still received the same amount of sun as the others. It’s roots were deep, so it had access to more nourishment and support than others.

The grey rose became impressive only as it stood alone. There were none to challenge… none to witness… the garden was its throne.