February 4, 2013

Nothing Is Wrong

 Nothing is wrong for long! There is a Rhythm that prevails.

From whence the Rhythm came is the source of many tales.

It makes a tree a tree! It makes a sound a song.

It lets me feel the balance so that nothing is ever wrong... for long.

Walking is falling... first left and then right.

Nothing is stable. Even day becomes night.

Sometimes I'm off tune. Sometimes I'm a song.

If I can sense the Rhythm, nothing is ever wrong... for long.

I don't sleep once and stay rested. I don't eat once and stay full.

Constant pleasure would have no value. Constant pain would soon be dull.

We strive to an extreme and fight change at every turn,

but adversity is our teacher and only change will let us learn.

If I swing in tune with Rhythm, I swing high as any steeple.

If my swing doesn't move at all then it's just a perch for people.

When the pendulum is stable and the bells no longer chime...

It only means the clock doesn't tick... it's not the end of time !

By: Greyspirit