September 8, 2008

Politics Made Simple

The Republic (for which it stands) is founded on “Rule of Law”. Rule of law is also the foundation for monarchies, theocracies and dictatorships.
Democracy is the concept that “Majority Rules”. Majority rule is also the foundation for lynch mobs and the terror each child faces who is recognized as different in some way from his peers.
A pure democracy is likely to implode because the majority demographics are constantly changing… so instability is guaranteed.
A pure republic is limited by the wisdom of the archy but provides some stability with its semi-permanence.

Our founding fathers developed a Demopublic… in which the majority chooses the rules to which we adhere for stability… and everyone can voice their opinion. Each of us is given credit for the ability to look at the information and come to a logical conclusion as to the best choice for a rule or ruler.
Political discussion would be expected to be a sharing of information in search of a decision in keeping with the best interests of the future of the Demopublic. A brief excursion into that arena reveals, instead… a very emotional, unyielding quarrel about the impact on the present… or past.
Could it be that not everyone has an opinion… and simply accept someone else’s rather than pursue the data and a valid conclusion? Just think… if you could sell your opinion to enough people too busy to think for themselves… you could be the majority. Now all you need is a media network and you could rule the world.

Are we as willing to think for freedom as we are to fight for freedom?