November 30, 2008


Dear Yesterday,

It’s not as if I have forgotten you. Without you, I would have nothing on which to stand when I reach for Tomorrow. I truly appreciate the effort and sacrifice that was made for you to be available to me.

You have done your job well. Thanks to you, Today is much better… and Tomorrow promises to be better still. What you have taught me makes each day and my way more progressive.

You would think less of me if I did not focus on what you taught. You would be disappointed in me if I missed a marvel you promised while in reverie of our good times. It is in your honor that I enjoy Today… and gratitude for you that I anticipate Tomorrow.

I may contact you less… but it only means I love you more… because you made my path so full and marvelous. You know you will not change and will always be in me… but I will change Today to honor your memory Tomorrow.

Good Thoughts,

November 2, 2008


Today i found something i knew was lost... and with it i found things i did not know were lost. It is a very emotional and spiritual experience for me... so i will give only the facts.

Opal is a wise woman of the Cherokee Nations who adopted me decades ago because i defended her son.
She gave me a family name and a beaded neckpiece to show who i was. I asked her if that made me officially Cherokee. She said i was Alltribe... and Anach Bemossed translates as Starwalker.

It was at a time in history when no one wanted to be caucasian and many claimed to be part of a red family, or some other minority, but were not. I knew of no heritage that gave me indian blood... and did not want to be identified with the wannabees... so i often did not share my spirit either.

When Opal stepped beyond... the neckpiece broke... and all my efforts to repair it failed. I put it away to protect and keep all the beads and parts of the neckpiece... but it has been over a quarter century.

Recently, i have been guided to the tribes again. I was guided to a flute player with both blood and spirit. A flutemaker came into my life as well... and other representatives of the original American culture. A flute, a friend, a voice known as 2birds joined me. It brought me a source of strength in spirit... but my spirit still had leaks.

Today, the neckpiece found me again... and a vision of how to repair it. I am wearing it now... and 2birds seems to have found a sweet new song.
I am no longer compelled to challenge any wannabees... for even they are Alltribe, too.