March 11, 2009


Joy overwhelmed me when I first poked up through the cool dark into the warm light. The sun’s energy bathed my unfolding green shoots. My roots grew deeper into the nourishment. Anticipation surged into my leaves as I watched my brothers stretch into the sky.

My kind and I would each eventually die to be consumed into oblivion by tiny creatures. But, another brother would rise from our memory.

One day, the pasture quaked and fear shook my outstretched limbs. I saw brothers being crushed into the ground un-withered. The rays of Father Sun were blocked out as the huge beasts descended on us.
I saw white scythes appear and shear a swath through my green society.
Then my roots were gone… and I became darkness.
Life was good. I spent most days wandering in the sunshine… leisurely grazing on the luscious green grass. Anticipation quivered through me as I passed the food trough… soon substantial treats would appear there. I snorted with glee and rubbed up against the warm skin of my kind.

Occasionally, some of us would be honored and chosen to walk through the gate and up the ramp into the chariot of the gods who provided our food and comfort.
Today, I had been chosen. I ascended into the vehicle with much pride.
My home is beautiful to me, even though others prefer their own home the best. It is like many other farms but is perfect for me. I admired my own cattle as I trudged towards them with the buckets of grain.

I considered how fortunate they were to be destined for consumption by a higher order of life… what a marvelous purpose they bring to us. My own oblivion, I reflected, would be at the hands of tiny creatures in the soil…

As far as I knew…