November 30, 2008


Dear Yesterday,

It’s not as if I have forgotten you. Without you, I would have nothing on which to stand when I reach for Tomorrow. I truly appreciate the effort and sacrifice that was made for you to be available to me.

You have done your job well. Thanks to you, Today is much better… and Tomorrow promises to be better still. What you have taught me makes each day and my way more progressive.

You would think less of me if I did not focus on what you taught. You would be disappointed in me if I missed a marvel you promised while in reverie of our good times. It is in your honor that I enjoy Today… and gratitude for you that I anticipate Tomorrow.

I may contact you less… but it only means I love you more… because you made my path so full and marvelous. You know you will not change and will always be in me… but I will change Today to honor your memory Tomorrow.

Good Thoughts,


Tamara2112 said...

Thank You for your Grey thoughts, that are so colored with the now.

Grey said...

Thank you... it's nice to know others also listen to the smell of blue ...