January 13, 2009

Anything Can Be

I thought i was a guru... i thought i knew it all.
I saw myself above the crowd... but i was really small.
My human sought a lover... my spirit sought a peer.
But none met my conditions... and my human would not go near.

I helped with others problems... so i could ignore mine.
I put them in a little box in a corner of my mind.
I felt the pressure build as the little box filled...
with what i didn't want to find.

“I'll give“… i said, “the love i have... if it’s returned by you.”
And thus placed on love, conditions, that sent it all askew.
What flows from me when i set it free... is energy and true.
What i lack would fill a sack, all the things i thought i knew.

Logic tells me love means pain... and warns me not to leap again.
It speaks to me "There is no way!!”
Emotion screams, "That was yesterday!"
"Find the joy of the moment... don't send it away!”

Tomorrow makes its own rules... and we all must wait and see.
Likelihood can be misunderstood... because anything can be!


Anonymous said...

Makes me think that anything can be and that the best is yet to come.


Grey said...

or that the best can be and anything is yet to come :)

Thanks, Lady Katya,
It will be a good year for everyone... but everyone might not notice.
Good thoughts,

Antoinette said...

Well WOW....I really like this one! Whoever is the graphic art designer or finder, did a good job, the picture suits the theme well.

Anonymous said...

Hadn't been to your site for a long time, forget just how enjoyable it is to read. Moon does a great job of keeping your words/images all together. You make a good blogging team.