September 5, 2010


As an untrained spirit, I was given the earth and its surroundings as a proving ground.  My lifeforce creates a rhythm and my essence, my soul, tries to play that music.

Something powerful watches over and protects me in love and caring.  What that is depends on who you talk to and what they believe.  I call that Force, My Guides, because there is more to Them than my mind can assign to one entity.

My Guides give me answers I need to protect my existence and maintain my direction.  I asked for guidance for a dear friend… and was told “That is not Our job, it does not threaten your existence.”
“My existence is moot without purpose…” I replied, “What am I doing here?”

“You have chosen to be a Stormchaser chasing other humans storms while fleeing from your own.  You seek out emotional danger for physical stimulation and try to make it moral for spiritual gratification.  We are not concerned.  Your pain is merely mental, your existence has no immediate threat, your efforts are noted even if they are unsuccessful… you will abide.”

“Your friends spirits are like a placid lake with a high speed watercraft race continuously in progress.  You can watch the race and feel the excitement… as it drains you... or you can focus your effort to try to halt the race within and calm the waters… as it drains you.”

“We give you peace and you long for challenge.  We provide solitude and you long for company.  We give you protection and you long for danger.  We offer you love and you feel a need to find it on your own… you are a currency in the Multiverse, but you are free to spend yourself as you choose.”

“We can’t guide your friends, they have their own guides… and, like you, they ignore them most of the time.  You cannot point their way, you can only help them find their own relationship with The All, their own guides… if they trust you.”

“We cannot comment on others fate, we can only protect your existence, not theirs.  We cannot protect your emotions… your own lake has its own turmoil.”

“It is all good!   You will learn to be a productive spirit by learning to become a valuable human… or not.”

“Success is not always recognized.”

By GreySpirit


Anonymous said...

Beautiful as you.

LadyKatya said...

Most confusing to me - I'm sure you understand Grey.

Grey said...

Thanks, TBBWC, Beauty is beyond the eye... You've been there, too :)

Thank you too, LadyKatya, Confusion is the best part of philosophy... and no one understands Grey :)

Anonymous said...

Your friend fred beleives that
you are truly in touch with your
own force,
It is good to know you,
I am glad to call you my friend..


Grey said...

Thanks Fred,
Our friendship has lived longer than many people do.
It has also enjoyed more adventure than many people do.
and that's just so far... with more adventures to come :)

Anonymous said...

This is very interesting, You're a very skilled blogger. I've joined your feed and look forward to seeking more of your magnificent post. Also, I've shared your website in my social networks!

Grey said...

Thanks for the kudos and kind words...
Not to mention the network sharing :)