December 29, 2011

Where The Blame Lies

There are many factors and forces afoot in my fate. 
Certainly, I am not totally responsible for all the problems in my life... but I am totally responsible for countering those problems. 
Who caused my problem is less significant than who will resolve my problem.  I could pursue, litigate, admonish and punish a transgressor but that does nothing to prevent future transgressions.  You may have noticed the law does not successfully control anyone's behavior, it merely makes some behaviors require more anonymity.
If I have more tempting possessions than I can protect, thieves will be attracted.  If I am victimized, I am assured that every effort will be made to apprehend and seek punitive measures against the perpetrator, for all the good that does me.  Stolen possessions are not often recovered.
If someone lies to me, it is my fault for believing them. I usually know what to expect from my acquaintances, and expecting more than they are known to provide would be my mistake.  Parents, teachers and even preachers will tell you what they sincerely believe, but that doesn't make it true, even though they might not intend to prevaricate on purpose.
If I am killed by an intruder or aggressor, I am assured that every effort will be made to apprehend and seek punitive measures against someone, but murder victims seldom recover.  I think it is more prudent to focus on not being a victim in the first place.
I believe that you believe what you say and are willing to stake everything on the truth as you know it.  Honorable people will tell you untruths, though, if they sincerely believe it themselves.
If there is a crack in my crust, it is only my “fault” and only I can heal it.
If I blame you for my hurt, I have given away my healing.
Where does blame lie... It lies to me!

By Greyspirit


Anonymous said...

EXCELLENT!! I love you outlook. ArkieGrandma

Grey said...

Thanks for the encouragement.
Some think my outlook is too far out to be seen :)

Cynthya said...

I love your thought that "If I blame you for my hurt, I have given away my healing".

When we are in touch with our spiritual consciousness, we are better able to heal ourselves.

Grey said...

Thanks for the comment, Cynthya.

Spiritual consciousness is potent because our spirit knows our hurt more intimately than any healer.

I live, I feel, I hurt, I heal...
and then I do it again :)

XtnYoda said...

My father told me that there is not a lock made that can keep thieves out, but rather are made to keep honest people honest.

Grey said...

Thanks, Yoda! As usual, wise you are.

Fortunately, my things are worthless to anyone else, even though they are priceless to me!
I have something money can't buy... poverty :)