July 10, 2008


It has been reported that you have received one or more "bad" days. In the interest of service and quality control, we appreciate your feedback.

Only good days are manufactured and shipped... but some do carry a learning bonus... like the crossword puzzle in your daily paper... it sharpens your talents.

After investigating a large sample of reported "bad" days... it has been discovered that those days contain as much life, beauty, and marvel as the other days.
In all cases so far... the bonus adversity created such a distraction... that the rest of the days marvels were not noticed nor acknowledged.

To redeem your credit for any legitimate "bad" day you were sent, simply remove any pain, desire, expectation, and any other extra bonus... and indicate which remaining quality... such as life, beauty, and marvel... was unsatisfactory.

If the bonus features you received detract from the quality of your day... simply ignore them.

If you did not receive your day at all... please disregard this... you are on a different list.


Anonymous said...

This one is unusual and doesn't sound like you, Grey ..........


MoonStone said...

Hi LadyKatya,

"Everyone who thinks they know Grey, eventually discovers they don't!"

moon :)