July 6, 2008

Reading, Righting, Wrathmatic...

The skills that serve our survival and success are simple.

First, we “read” each moment as it presents itself… becoming aware of all the opportunity and adversity it contains… as all moments do.
We notice what makes us vulnerable to opportunity… and open to it as much as we can.
We are also aware of the adversity and know something is not right.

Righting is the second step. We use our wisdom to determine what is out of balance and needs correcting… and we use our ability to correct it.
Of course, since we have little control over any imbalance but our own… our efforts are mainly to correct our own steps or attitude.
An objective view is as necessary as awareness in correcting a misstep or imbalance… but our objectivity is often inhibited by fear and anger.

Wrathmatics is the logic skill of controlling the wrath of rage and insecurity… to allow a more practical and objective decision.
No one can make us angry or afraid unless we give them that power.


Anonymous said...

This seems oddly familiar ....... I wonder when it was written?????


MoonStone said...

Hi LadyKatya, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

Grey wrote this on Feb.24,2008.

moon :)