July 31, 2008


I thanked the peaceful slumber as it retreated… there had been times when I could have no slumber.
I thanked the growing light that had chased it… the birth of a whole new day… even though I had never gone sleep-to-sleep without one.
A delicious shiver smiled through me… as my body began its automatic isometrics to stir what flows in me… and I thanked it.

I thanked the faint smell that twitched my nostrils with the invitation to come closer. I thanked the familiar tunnel that guided me leisurely to the exit.
As I neared the top of the shaft… the smell became stronger, the light became stronger, and I became stronger. I thanked stronger.

I emerged and thanked the bright spot as I immersed and reveled in its warmth.
I thanked the green shelter above me and I thanked the food nearby. The food thanked me for giving it purpose… and then thanked something else.

I rolled over and closed my eyes against the bright source in the blue beyond. Perhaps that was what it was the food had thanked.
I thanked it also.


Anonymous said...

Gratitude is something we should have every day, in every moment, for everything we have and all our loved ones.


MoonStone said...

"Especially loved ones ! Love flowing from us is always a blessing... whether any flows back to us or not."


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should redo who you said you were; since your priorities have changed.

MoonStone said...

To Anonymous:

"Greyspirit wrote what appears here... some long ago.
There are many Shades of Grey... each with his own journey. They meet to share their experiences... but Greyspirit is still the scribe."