June 13, 2008


They taught us most of the predictable rhythms of the earth... and many of the known universe. They taught us the scientific mathematics of Probabilities... which made inconsistent rhythms more predictable.

Our task was relatively simple. They would provide us with data on a physical object.... with an origin and destination. All we had to do was tell them what force and orientation the launcher must have to deliver the object.
Usually, great distances were involved... but we were also given data on 8 atmospheric layers and anything else that might influence probabilities along the trajectory of the object. Soon, it was almost second nature to "see" the path of the object just by looking at the data. Often, we were called on to find the unintended destination of a lost object by looking at its trajectory and adjacent influences.

It occurred to me that we also are objects that have been launched... but with no control over point of origin or launch data. The same physical laws and probability rhythms apply to us as well, though... and with understanding we can control our flight and avoid inclement resistance... but first we must "see" it.

Otherwise, we are but projectiles.

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