June 3, 2008


The different hues and shades of green in the glade made it seem that no other color existed in the world… nor was it needed. Even the muttering stream that flowed there seemed a shade of green in the reflected light.

My cupped hands scooped up a refreshing drink from the offering flowing by. I turned downstream and relieved the water within me. It joined and became part of the continuous band of moving moisture that inexorably probed every part of the earth’s surface. In my mind I joined and honored the never-ending journey.

The sun’s warmth lifted us from the sea… to ride the solar currents and join again aloft to become cloud. Eden glistens like a blue-green jewel revolving majestically below. Tiny bits of her join us as dust takes flight. We each try to capture a piece.

All the structures of the surface rush toward us as we each cling to a falling entity… Our passing caress leaves the structures gleaming when light approaches. We join and continue the journey, rushing downhill to again become streams, rivers, lakes, oceans…

The stream of brothers in my flow meandered through a glade. Ahead of us was water-with-shape… a thin substance contained the water and allowed the form of cupped hands to scoop us up to become part of it… once again.


Anonymous said...

Love this one, too!!!


Tamara2112 said...

I'm there!

moonstone said...

Hey, Hi Tamara! I see you have signed to Blogger a ok! Welcome!