June 8, 2008


We were overwhelmed with compassion… empathy for the misery that pervaded her murky aura. Just the scent of it spread far indeed.

“Why do you have pain?” We inquired in love.
“Because he injured me!” She replied venomously, pointing her accusing finger at the bully. We removed the bully but the misery endured.

“Now why are you in pain?”
“Because I am still injured, and also poor. “ She admitted sadly.
“Why are you poor?”
“Because he has all the money!” She exploded in a tirade against the rich man. We removed the rich man but her countenance did not brighten.

“Now why are you in pain?”
“Because I am still poor, and also he keeps me that way!” She exclaimed, pouring rage towards her employer. We removed the employer but her frown deepened.

“Now why are you in pain?”
“I am poorer still, because his decisions are not mine!” She indicated the politician that chose for all instead of just her. We removed him.

Soon there was only we and she and the pain makes three. She looked at us suspiciously. We learned that some pain cannot be removed… merely replaced. We left.

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