June 24, 2008


It was hot and I was very thirsty. I hid in the foliage and watched the water. I knew I could make it there and back with no effort… unless my return was delayed by claws and jaws.
The great cat crouched over the pool… lapping and watching. No sound was heard. No creature stirred… nor did I.

The large animal suddenly disappeared. I waited until smaller critters had successfully crept to the water and left unharmed.

My thirst was greater than my patience. I hastened to the edge of the pool and looked around. There was no obvious threat. I tasted the water.
The pool was clear and cool and inviting… I threw fear to the wind and threw myself into the refreshing oasis.

My feet thanked me when I hopped from the edge of the shallow clear glass bowl into the soothing water. I could feel the pressure on my underfeathers as the water sought to soothe me.
I shivered and ruffled and allowed the moisture in. Using my wings, I splashed and bathed and rinsed away the hot dust.
I perched on the edge of the bowl for a final shiver… and did a cat scan to make sure it wasn’t really final.

The wind was clean and cool beneath my feathers when I flew without the dust.

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