June 29, 2008

Third Wish...

My first wish was to be Hugh Hefner, an icon of the day. I began to form an image in the fog that surrounded me.

When the fog lifted… I was a huge heifer in Texas, wearing a smoking jacket. I blamed my slight speech impediment. I spit out the pipe and, knowing I had two wishes left, quickly mooed….”I would be the biggest stud in America.”

When the fog lifted I was an integral part of a giant snow tire in Montana. I only had one wish left… I decided not to challenge fate again.

I would be who I was, where I was best suited to be, wearing what I deserved to wear, doing what I was qualified to do, accepting the challenges my decisions attracted, and the rewards that befell me… whether I deserved them or not.

… And that’s how I became a naked hillbilly ditch digger in the wilderness of the Ozarks. It was not something I would have thought to wish for… but I have sympathy for those who must be something else.


Tamara2112 said...

Third time's a charm!! But you're a gem.

Cashlin said...

Thanks for writing this.