June 2, 2008


Q: Who is Grey?
A: That cannot be answered in black and white.

Q: Are you human?
A: I am human... but I am not just human only.

Q: Do you believe in God?
A: Yes... but my strength is that God believes in me.

Q: Are you concerned with Afterlife?
A: No, that is in the hands of One who loves me more than I can love myself.

Q: Do you love Jesus?
A: Yes, I love Jesus for the wisdom he spoke, which stands on it's own regardless of the speaker, and has brought joy and miracles into my life. I also have a close relationship and love for His Parents.

Q: Do you love others?
A: Yes, I love all others.

Q: Are you a good person or a bad person?
A: Yes


Anonymous said...

This interview is a wonderful idea for expression!! Distant drums is my favorite title of music to listen to while reading the Greyness here.


moonstone said...

Thanks for visiting and your nice comment Tammy!