June 11, 2008

Song Of Silverwillow

Everything that exists in Time… exists by change. The electrons relocate within the atom… Animal and vegetable convert energy to life within their own unique vibrations. Even the minerals shift in the soil as mother mountain moves, however imperceptibly.

When I tune into the natural rhythms around me… I am treated to a symphony… a beautiful orchestration of a familiar soothing melody. Occasionally, a feathered soloist is featured… Sometimes an unseen artist with an audible dance… the instruments seem infinite.

Now and again, a dischord bursts across the stage… accenting the melody by contradiction. The tempo builds, crescendo flares… then silence.

A lone vocal timidly tests the quiet… then each instrument finds its place to resume. Once again, the soothing warmth of the chorus abides… the song plays on.

It is a moving experience of many moods… both harsh and honeyed. It would be less if any verse were missing.


Antoinette said...

The piece is marvelous. It makes me recall when I'm up late, the beautiful night sounds. I'm at a peace, my serenity, when I hear the birds sing at night. I love God's power more and more. Through His Creation He helps me when I have some straightening out to do.

Cheers & In Christ,

P.S. Is this part of Grey's land, a photograph from his place?

moonstone said...

Welcome Antoinette, thank you for coming by and for your nice comment!

Yes, the picture is part of Grey's land.


Antoinette said...

That is too awesome...I remember playing in particular areas that looked like that...there were and probably still are so many trails that my sister and I would play on. Oh and his little green house, I wonder if it has grown? Thanks for posting his wonderful work, he deserves it!
Cheers & In Christ,