June 14, 2008

The Princess and The Peon

The princess sat in the glorious sunshine brightening the already opulent balcony overlooking the busy beauty of movement in the street below.
Several songbirds flew happily about and sang from various perches on the castle walls and parapets.

The sun glistened and sparkled on the tear that slid slowly down her face. The shiny trail it left pointed up to her beautiful eye... now vacant with anguish and clouded by misery.
The chirping song that filled the air around her fell on ears turned inward... hearing only the pitiful moans regurgitating from within her.

An old man trudged along the dirty street below. The sparse remainder of his touseled locks glinted white in the bright of the happy sun. The stained teeth he still had were barely whiter than his tanned wrinkled face... though his smile was wide and sincere.
The smile never faded... but occasionally twitched as his eyes winced with pain. He paused and straightened his posture inside the baggy rags that threatened to disintegrate at any moment.
The pain would fade, the eyes would clear, and the smile would broaden. He was so blessed to have such a beautiful and fascinating world to explore. His life had been a treasure of experience... and promised even more.

He glanced at the sky and spotted the beautiful princess sobbing on her splendid balcony. His heart and love went out to her... and he prayed she would someday find happiness and abundance and joy.
He felt overwhelmed with gratitude for his own fortune... but a bittersweet pity for the princess and all the things she did not have.


eclectica said...

Did the Princess exist before being inscribed by the Writer?

Did the Writer exist before the awakening of the Princess?

The deep woods hold many mysteries ... so, too, the air ... many vapors rise from the woods ... diffused ... suspended ... to mingle in the atmosphere above ... then condense ... and fall in separate drops ... showering Writer and Princess alike

Grey said...

Both the Princess and the Writer are still in the process of Awakening.
Their existence is still only a promise... not yet a reality.

The deep woods mysteries are at once marvelous and frightening.
The magical mist has a soul... and everything it showers will grow.