June 15, 2008


If my wishes were only three… I would be done by now. I could be enjoying my choices… or not.
Having unlimited wishes brings a wearisome burden. I have to choose from a plethora of blessings… any of which would be sufficient for the moment.

To make a wish is to make a choice is to accept responsibility… to be at peace with that choice.

Immediately, I wished for health… and was told I had already been granted that. All I had to do was monitor and nurture it.
I might wish for money… but money only buys stuff… it has no other use. Why not just wish for stuff? I have a roomful of stuff using up space I need more.
I might wish for love… but it seems limitless already… and I’ve given much away.
Yesterday may help me decide what Tomorrow’s wish will be… but at the moment I’ll procrastinate and cling to Today.
I won’t be Before-ish or After-ish. I’m content with Nowish.

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